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some more Liggy
Yeah, some more of original character, Liggy. This time with clothes on, it's about time :P Since I decided for her to be a habitant of some faraway planet, I felt  it was nice excuse to come up with some outfit for her, wanted to go something akin to ancient greek/egypt style of clothing rather than anything influenced by contemporary fashion.
Doodling Them Wrestlers Again
So yeah lately I have little time to draw, but thankfully I manage to doodle few things every now and than, I drew this one last week, forgot to upload it sooner. Behold the terrible Skull Smasher :P
Shimmer yet again (updated)
Due to few comments I opted to modify head a bit.

So I don't spend as much time on traditional drawing as I would like to - this is my only drawing from this past week, and it's actually from yesteday. Sigh. Anyway with my previous drawing of Sunset I felt like something was off with her hind legs, so I gave it it further look, and I will try to give them more proper look from now on. here's little practice. Again Sunset. Because why not? ;)
Abandoned House
I little doodle before work. I have very little exprience with drawing builidngs in general and they always cause me lot of struggle, so I felt like trying something simple for a practice.
So with another season finale behind us I thought it's time to write thing or two on how I feel about the season as whole.
I think that season 6 was pretty decent but not as good as some of the previous ones - it had enjoyable
episodes but plenty of forgettable stuff as well, sadly. I think that season 7 is the return to writing-quality I
came to expect from the show, moreover, it was strong season that delivered plenty of memorable
episodes and moments. I'm really glad we finally got a episode about parents of Applejack. That was great episode
and of course a tear-jerker. Speaking about parents, I enjoyed the episode that included those of AJ, but
we also could see parents of Rainbow Dash and Twilight - and both families turned out to be very likeable.
Yeah, "Parental Glideance" and "Once upon a Zeppelin" certainly belong to some of my favourite episodes for this season.
When it comes to Twilight, I'm really glad that she made return for a bigger role this season, with about 4 really fun episodes
focusing on her (and few supporting roles to other characters here and there),
as well her fair share in season's opening, with fantastic "Celestial Advice" - a great showcase on Twilight/Celestia dynamic -
and of course it's finale where she got to meet her idol Starswill the Bearded, as well as save the day with the impressive
team up of Mane 6 and the heroic ponies of past. To me, good ol' bookhorse had some of the best episodes for this season
with "Celestial Advice" "Once Upon Zeppelin" "Flurry of Emotions" and of course "Fame and Misfortune". However, the character
that made some of the biggest turnaround in terms of characterisation was Fluttershy. I really liked how they tweaked
her personality making her more assertive for the good of others around her. She had some great episodes as well.
If I were to complain about something I guess I feel like there wasn't much of Applejack episodes, which is a shame. Not to mention
Spike got shunned away a bit this season in favour of Starlight who felt like having few moments that could easily belong to Spike.
Speaking about Starlight Glimmer, I'm bit torn about her as well - on the one hand I'm really glad how they blended her
into the cast with some low-key/supporting role moments - she needs that kind of treatment I was hoping for that kind of move from the writers for season 7 - but she still lacks her own voice in episodes focusing on her. "All Bottled up" "A Royal Problem" and "To Change a changeling" were decent, but Starlight never counts
as the strongest part of any of those episodes. That said, the "Uncommon Bond" episode gave me a hope that, in fact, she can have geniuenly good episodes. It was easily best episode focusing on Glimmer so far. Aside from that? Hmm, there wasn't really any paticular episode I hated. At worst I was disinterested
( "All Bottled Up") but never to the point of hating the episode or skipping it almost entirely when trying to watch it again (hello "Slice of Life" & "No Second Prances" )
So all in all Season 7 of MLP: FIM was very strong, plenty of awesome stuff, very little to nag about. Here's waiting to
season 8 and hoping it will keep the momentum.

Ep 1&2 Celestial Advice ( 8,5/10) & All Bottled up (5/10):
Bookhorse and Glammyglam by saturdaymorningproj
Ep 3 Flurry of Emotions (8,5/10):
Flurry of Emotions by saturdaymorningproj  Best Aunt Ever by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 4 Rocksolid friendship (7/10):
This Poem Is About Friendship... by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 5 Fluttershy Leans in (7/10):
Filled With Determination by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 6 Forever a filly (7/10):
Sisters by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 7 Parental Glideance (9/10):
Best Chicken Ever by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 8 Hard to Say anything (4,5/10):
Lets Fighting Love by saturdaymorningproj   Dem Apples by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 9 Honest Apple (8/10):
Get Ready To Rock by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 10 A Royal Problem (7/10):
Twilerina by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 11 Not Asking for Trouble (7/10):
I'm a Honorary Yak Y'all! by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 12 Discordant Harmony (8/10):
Besties by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 13 Perfect Pear (9,5/10):
Perfect Pear by saturdaymorningproj

Ep 14 Fame and Misfortune (9/10):
Not Flawless by saturdaymorningproj

Ep15 Triple Threat (8,5/10):
Stone Cold Ember by saturdaymorningproj  Tad Nervous by saturdaymorningproj  Them Ponies Look The Same, No? by saturdaymorningproj

Ep16 Campfire tales (7,5/10):
Scared Scootless by saturdaymorningproj

Ep17 To Change a changeling (6/10):
Sidekicks time by saturdaymorningproj

Ep18 Daring Done? (7/10)
The Hope Horse by saturdaymorningproj

Ep19 It isn't the mane thing about you (8/10)
Rare 'n roll by saturdaymorningproj  I demand a refund! by saturdaymorningproj

Ep20 A Health of information (8,5/10):
Meadowbrook by saturdaymorningproj  Put your muffin where your mouth is by saturdaymorningproj

Ep21 Marks and recreation (5/10):
Sweetie Belle, Bitter Truth by saturdaymorningproj

Ep22 Once Upon a Zeppelin (9/10):
Best Tour Ever by saturdaymorningproj

Ep23 Secrets and Pies (8,5/10)
Care For A Pie? by saturdaymorningproj

Ep24 Uncommon Bond (8/10)
This Takes Me Back - Literally by saturdaymorningproj

Ep25 & 26 Shadow Play (8,5/10)
Fighting With Shadows by saturdaymorningproj
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Hello, well I'm afraid I can't advice too much to you given your skills in art - you have some amazing talent - and that comes from the guy who isn't even into anime or manga aesthetics. If there is any one advice I could give you - and it's something any artist should try at least every now and then - it's to sometimes go out of your comfort zone. There is certainly a theme dominating your gallery, perhaps all you need is to try some more study on various type of characters in terms of age and gender as well as give animals and vechicles some attention too - not only young girls, as it seems you mastered that type of characters. So I guess that's only thing I can come up with - studying and trying to depict other type of characters and objects aside from those archetypes you already have mastered ;) As for animation, personally I can't come up with anything to add here, as I'm really no expert on that field and I'm throughly impressed by your skill ;) I hope my small advice will help you at least a little bit ;)
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