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Bowling Down The Alley (WIP) by saturdaymorningproj
Bowling Down The Alley (WIP)
So as I mentioned, this month I will probably be rather busy with MGS V, but don't you think I won't at least try drawing some new projects, here's initial sketch for the first of them, hope to get on to it later on this week, until then I will post some older stuff I still have ;)
The Equestrian Cataclysm - an epilogue by saturdaymorningproj
The Equestrian Cataclysm - an epilogue
As the title says, this is an epilogue to the latest comic I worked on, written by :iconszafalesiaka:
As I've learned after posting the Equestrian Cataclysm comic, two weeks ago, there was actually an idea for another panel as additional fan-service for WoW players. The father of this paticular panel is :iconpony-berserker: Since I've already posted the comic I wasn't feeling like adding to it another panel, but the idea was fun enough to make it an epilogue to an actual comic. I've been working on it this last week, and it was my first digital project since I've finished "The Equestrian Cataclysm" itself - yeah I had bit of a break ;) if it won't collide with my Phantom Pain sessions too much I plan to slowly return to digital projects ;) 

The Equestrian Cataclysm:
The Equestrian Cataclysm by saturdaymorningproj
Phantom Pain by saturdaymorningproj
Phantom Pain
Little project I did at the begining of august.

I gotta tell you guys, as the release day gets closer, the more excited I'm getting for Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. 
For those who know me for some time it is obvious I am a fan of MGS series. I started late with the series, it was like 2004 or 2005. I had luck to start off with the first MGS - back then I wasn't even aware of the previous games released on MSX, NES and whatnot. Anyway, first MGS back then blew my mind with amazing, deep story, characters, vibe and somewhat chilling setting of the secret base on Shadow Moses Island. After that I just jumped ahead and without even reading any reviews or opinions I bought MGS3: Snake Eater, and let me tell you - I wasn't dissapointed. Now I haven't played them all, I didn't play Revegance ( if that even could be called an MGS game) or Portable Ops. But entries like MGS4 and Peace Walker further solidified how much I like this franchise. MGS2 is actually bit of a mixed bag for me, for numerous reasons. Now I know the upcoming game is gonna have lots of bad vibe because the whole deal with Kojima-Konami thing, and how Konami tries to simply earse Kojima from the memory of gamers. Some want to boycott the game because of that. To me? Konami may cover all the credit they want, but it's obvious that MGS V is still a Hideo Kojima ( and his studio's ) game. And I am sure he wants people to cherish and exprience it as much as previous ones he made. As such, I'm certainly looking foward to it, as well as future projects done by him.
After two weeks of playing some MGS games I feel prepeared for excellence to blow my mind once again, even if for the last time. I do hope they will end on a high note with this one.

Boy that's a lot of text I wrote here. Thanks for reading my babbling, listen to some awesome music as a little thanks from me ;)
Rock N Rollin by saturdaymorningproj
Rock N Rollin
I did this one quite some time ago, I think it might have been about month ago - probably bit more. It's actually first digital drawing based on what I've read and analyzed from one of the books about drawing. Can't say I have deep story about it, at first I went with idea of humanized Cherilee and Rarity in sort of 80's-ish rock outfits - hence some accents and the hairdo from 1st season for the Cherilee - but as I was progressing with it I was more inclined to just draw whatever came to my mind. It was fun short project to work on, the main inspiration for it was this song:

Have a nice weekend folks ;)
The Equestrian Cataclysm by saturdaymorningproj
The Equestrian Cataclysm
After lending his hand "Pie and Seek" I was really happy I could return the favour to :iconszafalesiaka: and draw panels for the comic, based on his script. WoW's very own Deathwing, makes his way to Equestria. Interesting challenge, I know next to nothing about WoW and it's lore, but it was fun to try to draw this character, besides, dragons are awesome - that's like the laws of gravity or something ;)

As for me, it won't be any comics for a while, next few weeks I will be posting some illustrations I made in the mean time in-between working on Pie and Seek, some fresh, some bit older, regardless hope You will enjoy them all :)

Anyways, Szafa, thanks for the opportunity for another collab, mate, see you next time, have lots of fun on Czequestria, and return with bunch of awesome ideas :)

Script: :iconszafalesiaka: 
Art: :iconsaturdaymorningproj:

 idea by :iconpony-berserker:

The Equestrian Cataclysm - an epilogue by saturdaymorningproj

MLP: FiM belongs to Hasbro
Deathwing belongs to Blizzard
Been a while guys, hope You're doing well, thought I will share some info as usual. As for now things are going fine I suppose,
starting next month I will receive more stable contract in my work, so that's good in long term.

As for projects, still working on the last part of Pie and Seek, it's kind of weird that I am that close to finishing this miniseries, I feel like taking prepearations to it, crafting the whole script from first to last part took more time than actually drawing process,
Also I am glad that so many of you enjoy that twisted little story me and :iconszafalesiaka: has presented to You, and we hope that You will enjoy the remeaining two parts that are yet to come ;)

Speaking about comics, I say had fun time with IDW's 32# issue of the MLP's main series the permise is bit silly but in a good sense if You ask me, and it already psyched me for the issue 33# given the cliffhanger.

On the polar opposite of comic medium I also recommend horror series Wytches, written by Scott Snyder, creepy art and intriguing writing make this book quite a read for a horror fan as myself.

Also, I've finally bought a complete print version of DC's Superman: Red Son, man I really like this story, glad to finally be able to have an actual copy of it :D 

That's all from me, thanks for reading for your constant feedback and appreciation of what I do, and thank to all the new folk who recenlty follow me here on DA, I hope I won't dissapoint you :)

Take care,
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  • Reading: Wytches (comic book)
  • Playing: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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